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Custom session to help you change and transform your life.

Custom Session by Goddess where you can request a customize and specific session that you are looking for and most probably you could not find it in our listed session.

Process to Request Custom Session And Information About Payments!

  • You will be given a contact form to fill out in order to outline the problem or issue for which you need friendly guidance or advice.

  • In order to authenticate that you are serious and really wanna discuss your issue, you have to pay minimum required payment after specifying your issues in the given space below in “Notes / Comment” section.

  • Below are the price table and details of different minimum price sections based on the type of issue you have.

  • Refunds are not available for the Minimum Payments or tributes.

  • You have one week from the time you make the payment to contact me to start your session.

  • After one week from the time of payment, your session will be deemed completed and delivered.

Custom request form
You can write any name if you want to continue as anonymous.
Use the same email which you going to use while paying.
Area of issue and minimum payment required to book Custom session!

After payment contact us through the social media shown below or via the contact us.